Book Three Blank.



Here I am again… staring at a blank page.

The Song of the Sisters is complete but in need of some editing and formatting before it goes out to the world, but I have some time and thought hey, I should start the next one. Time tends to be at a premium around here, so I do my best not to waste it (too much). So far I have poured 153,038 words–almost 700 pages of writing into this book series and I’m well over the crest and heading down the other side, but…

Confession time. I have no idea how to start this one.

The Mark of the Hummingbird was pretty easy to start, and before I started writing it, I also knew exactly how to start  The Song of the Sisters. This one is giving me grief. I’m not even 100% sure who to make my POV characters. Do I dip into the well of the ones I have already used? Or drag up some unknowns who have no history (yet) and give them a killer backstory to help propel it along?

Some people would say that I should just skip the beginning and write it later, but I find that my personal writing style doesn’t really allow for that. I write better if the pieces fall into place as I go, and they can’t do that without a beginning.

So many decisions, but on the positive side, I do know how it’s going to end. Now it’s just a matter of getting there.


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