Don’t ask, because I won’t tell you (No matter how much I want to)

(I don’t recommend sticking duct tape to your face)

I am not a secretive person, in fact, I am so not-secretive that Husband often gets ticked at me because I tell people too much. It’s a problem, really, but I have never really felt like I have anything to hide.

This is a giant problem.

You see, I just finished writing The Song of the Sisters and am in the midst of having other people read it and provide critiques. Many of these people have read The Mark of the Hummingbird too so are nicely wrapped up into the characters by now. Without a single word of the next book written yet, they have begun to ask what will happen.

And I want to tell them.

It kills me that I can’t. I want to say things like “Oh, you know what I’m going to do to (insert character)?” or “So I was thinking of killing (insert character).” I feel like I need to talk it out, so when people ask specific questions I want to let it all go… except for one thing.

No one actually wants to know.

So, you ask, I shut my trap and smile, you end up happier…  you know why? It’s because telling you how things end will ruin the experience of the book, and I can’t do that. You love reading, you enjoy the way the stories fall together and the relationships are built, and if I tell you the answers before you get to do that, I’ll be robbing you of that.

As hard as it is for you, let me tell you, it’s harder for me. It will be a miracle if I can release “The Rise of the Forgotten” without biting my tongue off completely first (That would be awful, since my tongue is already pretty short… see what I mean? No secrets here!)

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. -Jean-Jacques Rosseau

6 thoughts on “Don’t ask, because I won’t tell you (No matter how much I want to)”

  1. Ohhh I would never ask. I was also that kid that never shook her Christmas presents all wrapped and sitting under the tree. I love the suspense and don’t want it to end!

    1. I know, I love not knowing! But the problem is in this case is that I just know too much already! HAH!

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